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A human resource company that provides job assurity with top brand consultants like Sankalp Placements India Pvt. Ltd.

Sankalp is a Global HR Recruitment company, addressing complex staffing needs that require access to highly skilled professionals -- and the background and knowledge to fill positions at every level of our client organizations. At Sankalp we plan to extend our horizons and offer effective and customized HR Practices that will facilitate business efficiency and performance. These Practises would include

HR Audits
HR Policy Manual
Performance Management System
Structuring Compensation & Benefits
Designing & Drafting Offers & Appointments
Designing Job Profile & Mapping KRA’s / KPI’s
Recruitment Life Cycle

They above can be designed as per the company’s size and structure, with special focus on the industry. A human resource company that provides job assurity with top brand consultants like Sankalp Placements India Pvt. Ltd.

The core function of a Human resource company is recruitment. An HR Recruitment Company caters to the overall process of appointing and selecting the best suitable candidates, for jobs that can either be on temporary or permanent bases within a particular organization. An HR search can also refer to a process in choosing candidates from various fields of skills, to best find the right Industrial or corporate job solutions, where those skills and personality could come handy for the clients as well as the candidate. As Hr Consultants Mumbai, we are both recruitment generalist and specialist at finding the right job for you. With our loyal clientele and good relationship between huge brand organizations, we make sure that our candidates get the first priority since we have been known to train our candidates and counsel them on career options well before sending them for the interview. Sankalp Placements India Pvt. Ltd. delivers the best in innovation and focuses entirely on our client's needs. We also strive to provide customized solutions and requirements aligned with our clients and candidates job profile. Due to our excellent commitment as an HR Recruitment company, our diverse range of services has set us apart from any competitive Human Resource Company. We have gained a well-reputed name in the region among hr consultants Mumbai. Our ability to play a global HR Recruitment company and intermediate between an organization and a candidate have portrayed high rewards and really impressive results.